About Us

Elearning Teaching Materials Bureau

In the current era of information and communication, location and communication constraints can no longer be used as a reason/ obstacle to not immediately rise to accelerate the achievement of quality education. Information technology has provided hardware and software in the form of computers that can assist in the learning process, prepare and present learning more precisely, quickly, and pleasantly. Communication technology has provided a means for higher education throughout Indonesia to share and give each other quickly through internet facilities. The use of these technologies at UMB needs to be accelerated, encouraged, and facilitated.

Regarding the development of information and communication technology, since September 2007 Mercu Buana University has officially formed a new unit of the Teaching Materials Development Center (PPBA) under the Academic Directorate.

This unit was formed to support and implement academic development programs at UMB, so that the VISION, MISSION, and Objectives of PPBA UMB are an integrated part of VISION, MISSION and Objectives of UMB and HELTS 2003-2010.